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For the love of the game... 

Founders Connor Kuhl and Michaelis "Michy" Linardakis just wanted to play lacrosse again at a competitive level. As longtime players of the game (4th grade for Connor and 3rd grade for Michy), not playing once getting to college left a gap in them that couldn't be filled... no matter how much skiing they did (albeit Wasatch pow days did help). So when the MCLA allowed schools with NCAA programs to field a club team; they immediately jumped on the opportunity. 

Connor Kuhl (left) and Michaelis Linardakis (right) after leading their team to a National Championship win in 2022. 

Realizing Opportunity 

The University of Utah became a NCAA Division 1 lacrosse program in 2019. This left a tremendous gap at the University of Utah of skilled players who didn't have the opportunity to play Division 1, but still wanted to compete in college. 

As a Salt Lake City local (Michaelis) and a California transplant (Connor), Michaelis and Connor knew that there were students who still had a passion for the sport of lacrosse at the University of Utah. They recognized an opportunity to provide value and an opportunity for student athletes to play lacrosse in college, so they spent an entire semester and countless hours of their lives founding the UofU Men's Lacrosse Club in the Fall of 2021. 


Program Overview

Follow the link above to watch and interview with head coach Kyler Banks and captain Connor Kuhl discussing what it took to start the program and what it's like to play at Utah. 

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