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Head Coach
Kyler Banks

Hailing from Beaverton, OR, Coach Banks brings almost 20 years of lacrosse experience to the Utes, but more importantly brings the energy and intensity to the sideline. When he's not hyping the team up with a world-famous pep talk, you might find him faking low and shooting high right on the doorstep. 


Offensive Coordinator
Jeremy Sartin

Having played on the original Utah Men's Lacrosse team in 2018-2019, Coach Sartin has been a major part of our team's resurgence. From Alpharetta, GA, don't let this man's southern charm fool you. He wants nothing more than to give you sprints if you slip up, and he is not afraid to put himself in the play either.


Defensive Coordinator
Bo Caldwell

Coach Caldwell, from nearby Draper, UT, returns to the Utes, this year as a coach. An aggressive LSM on the field, earning an All-Conference nod in 2022, Coach Caldwell actually has a very calm demeanor when the helmet comes off. Be prepared for him to help you polish your technique and fundamentals like he's known you for years. 

Face-Off Coach
Kevin Beaver

The Face-Off X looks a lot different now than it did during his glory days, but this old dog loves learning new tricks. Coach Beaver comes from Hershey, PA, and enjoys that old-school, gritty East Coast lacrosse. He is not a man of many words, but he is a midfielder of many shots! 

Strength and Conditioning
Jack Merritt

"Florida Man whips the Utes Lacrosse team into shape." Coach Merritt from Orlando, FL, is a certified S&C trainer who works as a Sports Performance Coach for young athletes for his day job. He eats, sleeps, and breathes fitness, keeping our players strong and healthy. He may not have a short fuse, but he does have short shorts!

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